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Skywalker <3

[20] Anakin/Vader for [info]anakin_icontest 




<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Disguise</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Emotive</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Father</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">First time</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Forever</td>



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<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Freedom</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Hair</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Rotated</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Danger/Safety</td>

<td bgcolor="#f5f5f5" align="center">Speed</td>



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Naboo Tatooine Mustafar Bespin Coruscant

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Skywalker <3

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A New Beginning

  As you can see, I've made my journal public again. First of all, I want to thank all of you who have waited patiently for me! It means so much that people actually missed my writing when it was gone and wanted to read my entries still. I am really sorry for the delay, but I hope this can be a new beginning. 

  The past few months (past year, really) have been really tough for me for a lot of reasons. And it's worse knowing that I wasn't the only one who suffered. It's been hard, but I've learned a lot. I was naïve and good intentions aren't always enough. Life is not a fairytale. But I've definitely come to appreciate what I have and not take anything for granted. I hope that everyone who also hurt can move on and find happiness. That's what I'm working toward.

  Phew! I didn't mean for that to get so melodramatic! So onto happier things! What this journal is all about: writing.

  I haven't been able to write as much as I wanted to, but I have been working on some things while I was away! I have a few finished short stories that I will be posting in the next couple of days. I wrote an entry for the SHINee Big Bang again this year that I'm really proud of and I'll post that here as soon as the authors are announced. I also have quite a few things in the works. 

  As far as reading goes, I am behind on that as well! I have a list of links a mile long saved on my computer of things I need to read. So if you think I should have read and commented on your fic, I probably have the link saved! It will take me quite some time to get through them all (seriously, it's a long list), so please be patient with me. Again OTL

  Thank you again to everyone who showed interest in my writing even while I was on hiatus! I hope the wait will be worth it!

tl;dr - My journal is public again, I'll be posting new things shortly, and thank you for waiting!

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source: http://g-odalisque13.livejournal.com/60799.html

Sales post

This sales post will remain, so if you come back later you may still find it :3

** Paypal only!!!

** Shipment from Argentina

** Prices do NOT include shipment

** Prices in American dollars

** Everything is in mint condition unless stated otherwise.

** Ask if you need more pictures!

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Seishun donuts

Tennis no oujisama fanbook. Gag doujin, pretty cute drawings.

Seigaku centric, various pairings (golden pair, momokai, takafuji)

Doujinka: Tachibana Mikan

Rating: Gen

Pages: 32

Price: 9$

Anchor crown

both novel and manga

Yamabuki centric, features all yamabuki characters as pirates

Rating: Gen

Pages: 92

Price: 6$

Kisarazuke no sensou

both novel and manga

Rokkaku and st rudolph centric. CRACK.

Rating: G. or CRACK.

Pages: 48

Price: 2$ or free with any purchase.

Kimi no iro wa ao

Atobe x Tezuka. Featuring Hyoutei and Seigaku. Gag and some romance. Mostly gag.

Rating: G

pages: 24

Price: 5$

PlayBoy ~Gekokujou-hen~

this one is quite long, and a doujinka collaboration. Hiyoshi centric, but all hyoutei appears.

Doujinka: honey bunny, honey colosseum, mitchey house

Rating; R

Pages: 72

Price: 13$

Gekkan Takou DX

all-school. Long and neat doujinshi. fudoumine, yamabuki, rikkai, hyoutei, you name it. Gag.

doujinka: Dokurodan

Rating: G

Pages: 134 pages

Price: 17$

Netto wa tomodachi

Rikkai, Hyoutei and Aoi. Gag, cuuuuute dojinshi.

Rating: G

Pages: 20

Price: 8$

Jumping Buranko

Rating: PG for Inui's butt

Pairings: Some Mizuki/Inui and Fuji/Inui. Some crack, and SOME cute!

It's a little bent, but nothing serious.

Price: 10$

1. 2006 Sairokushuu! - Circle: Fujiwara mikan - Price: 15$


Pages: 128

2. Chuugakusei kara, yarinaose! - Circles: Ouca and Running Man - Price: 7$

Rating: G or PG. Dunno. It has no kisses but has some blood. Data Pair doujin.

Pages: 12 pages

Tonari no Toryoryo (by Tanishi no Oppai)

Rate: G. Tonari no totoro parody with tenipuri characters. Mostly Ryoma+Ryoga, but has some chibi!Hyoutei at the end.

Price: 12u$s

Shitenhouji A full team photosets

Price: 40$

ShitenhoujiA calendar (from Shitenmyu)

Price: 7$

Seigaku A full team photosets

Price: 42$

Saitoh Takumi photoset

Price: 12$

Seigaku A calendar

Price: 10$

Hyoutei photosets

Price: 8,50$ each or 15$ for both

I kind of.... have doubles of these...

Price: 1$ each or free with any purchase.

Shinjuku Kabukichou hoikuen pamphlet

Price: 20$ 1$ due to rain

Dear Boys Musical vs East Honmoku (the one with Kane-chan xP)

Includes photobook.

Price: 35$

Atobe and Ryoma bromide which... came with the Driving smash manual

Price: 5$

Premium cellsheets

price: 18$ for both

1: Random, unofficial pins: 1$ for all

2: PoT logo pin: 0.50 $

3: Unofficial keychains: 3$ for the three

4: Shitajiki: 4$

Saiyuuki Anime official fanbook 2

Price: 9$ 3$ due to rain

Saiyuuki - Backgammon remix

Price: 12$ Free due to rain (pay only the mail)

Salty-dog IV

Price: 6$ 3$ due to rain

The colour black doesn't look very well.

Pokemon trading cards

Price: 20$

Four for 1$ or free with any purchase.

Tokimeki memorial manual

Price: 10$ 5$ due to rain

Pokemon postcards (they are postcard-sized and the back are common postcard-lke)

Lot: 40$

Each: 0.50$or free with any purchase.

i have, like... a LOT. They are perfectly official too.

Kitty phonestrap -- 1,50u$s NEW!!

Erasers -- Set 1,50u$s NEW!

Eraser bags, pen set --- 1u$s EACH

Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion FREE, just pay the mailing!

(counter clockwise) Appare hime and other stories, Street Fighter 4koma, matsuzawa short stories, Rokudenashi Blues --- All of these mangas are also FREE!! Pay only the mail!

Four Kusunoki Kei mangas all for 5u$s, or 2 Horror no osusume volumes for 4u$s (horror comedy, with shonen ai hints), 1u$s Nemuri hime (romantic comedy), 2u$s fpr Sisen (horror + other stories)

Ma ni attemasu (by morinaga ai, the one from yamada tarou, etc) - Price: 5u$s for both

K2 Office (by kusunoki kei, the one who made  Bitter Virgin, and Oohashi kaoru) - Various stories - 1u$s

Magic Master - Price 3u$s for both

Mahoujin guruguru - Price 1u$s or free with any purchase

Rocket Princess - The COMPLETE set for 4u$s (it's different from the scanlated version. Weird)

Kaze no tani no nausicaa - 3u$s (full coloured)

Above: Dragon quest, hunter x hunter, yuu yuu hakusho. Each 2u$s. The two remaining ones for 3u$s.

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